Detector lets you target the browsers you want to support and gracefully forget about the rest. Try the custom Detector v4 generator and start using Detector today.


Detector is your one-stop solution to device detection and supports identification of all HTML capable devices on earth. Yes, that includes old mobile phones that is still dominating 3rd world countries as well as the latest WebGL enabled and buzz packed browsers - all bundled up neatly in 12 segments with each their own defined set of characteristics. As an added bonus it is lowering your development complexity, while raising the user experience at the same time.

How does it work?

When a user first visits your website, your site makes a request to the Detector service (via the API or a local Detector class on your server), which identifies the browsers unique segment. With this information, you'll know exactly what the browser is capable of rendering, and it allows you to server specific, performance optimized JavaScript and CSS.

This means less quirky feature detection, less load overhead, cleaner maintainable code, faster rendering and the possibility to serve a fully optimized UI without design compromises.

If mobile is the new black, then what's the new mobile?

Internet browsing trends change faster than a typical website lifespan. Tomorrow some new browsing gadget might surface and then what do you do with your old website?

Websites are no longer just one-size fits all and they should not be. It might seem like a jungle of different devices with different screen resolutions, input methods, rendering capabilities and processing power, but we are here to help simplify things. Detector is this multitude of available devices boiled down to logical and group-able segments. On each project you individually decide which segments your project needs to support and how.

Detector is designed on top of a mobile-first markup approach, with no limits. Forget current design and implementation issues and focus on building optimized interfaces for each segment. Detector lets you separate your JavaScript and CSS into naturally deducted device segments, leaving the complexity of intertwined responsive states across platforms as a curious remnant of the troubled past.

Want to know more?

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