Detector v3 and v4 differ only in that desktop_edge has been merged back into the desktop segment. Upgrading can typically be done in a matter of minutes.

Detector allows you to create a static Detector class and flexibly group custom segments to match the include-layout of your choosing. If you are using the API for detection, you could consider if a local implementation is the way to go, since you're at it anyway.

Janitor v0.8 uses Detector v4 - if you're using Janitor, all you need is is the latest version.

Upgrade to Detector v4 API

Step 1

Change the request url from http(s):// to http(s):// or to http(s):// if you always want to use the latest version.

Upgrade to static Detector v4 class

Step 1

Build a custom Detector v4, which maps the segments to the ones you support in your existing project.

Step 2

Update your local Detector request method to use the new static Detector v4 for detection. This is done by replacing the API request with calling a method on the Detector class.

Shifting from the API service to the static Detector v4 is a matter of upgrading your CMS (depending on which CMS you use) or making the update manually in your project. Instead of requesting the segment from the API, the static Detector v4 provides a method which handles the segment detection and returns the segment as a string.

Updating your CMS may have other implication on your projects. Refer to the CMS documentation for additional information. You can also contact us at if you need help upgrading.